Biofeedback is a scientifically recognized and intensively researched form of mental training developed in the 1970’s. Since decades it is mainly used for quick relaxation and peak performance especially in professional sports but also successfully applied for psychosomatic health issues.

In our High-Performance-Training, biofeedback helps us to achieve:

  • Optimizing Success

    significant optimization of our own success level

  • Stress Tolerance

    remarkable increase in stress tolerance

  • Immune System

    lasting improvements in your immune system

Biofeedback is a unique form of guided and instant relaxation by making you aware of the vital physiological parameters in your body. Body functions like heart activity level, skin resistance, body temperature, HRV, blood flow and muscle tension are transformed into visual and acoustic signals and made easily understandable to the patient.

By measuring and visualizing these unconscious body functions, you will learn and be able to actively control them through mental focus and the power of imagination. This will enable you to relax or focus your energies instantly and therefore increase your performance level significantly.

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