A warm welcome!

I appreciate your visit to my new homepage and your interest to find out more about the concept of a perfect “work-life-design”. After spending the last 25 years in an international corporate career, I decided to change direction and work as a consultant and coach to pass on the success strategies, the experiences and learnings that had the most influence on me over that period of time.

Over the past years friends and colleagues frequently used to seek my advice when their lives seemed to get distracted or when they were running straight into burnout in their jobs due to heavy workloads or increasing conflicts. I am and have always been considered being an “expert” when it comes to define what people would call a good work-life-balance. However, I belief that this concept is totally wrong from the beginning. Why? Trying to balance two or more things at once can only go wrong on the long run. Try it out yourself and see how long you can balance on a narrow board or rope. It takes a lot of focus and energy and when trying to balance, you will not be able to stand firmly and relaxed on either side. Continuously trying to “hold balance” is not a status that I believe is sustainable.

My experience is, that with a simple yet very clear work-life-design you will be much better off. This means finding out the very few vital and important priorities that you can focus on at the given time or even live-span and execute them with dedication and passion. Obviously these priorities and time-spans can change and vary depending on the situation and circumstances. If you are ready to consistently review and adapt your work-life-design in an agile way you have got everything in place to achieve success in your business and personal life as well.

Are you ready for the next step? I’m looking forward to talk to you.