Maximizing success with your perfect “work-life-design”.Jörg Pribil

High performance requires a clear “work-life-design”. I am offering consulting on how to set the right priorities for your own life and execute them successfully. Using biofeedback I train you how to deal with stress and to relax instantly when you need to.

My consulting guideline:
„Less but better“

As a true “high performer” you are orchestrating your own life and avoid being absorbed by other peoples agenda. Instead of being reactive, you are constantly evaluating all options and focussing on the vital few meaningful things instead of the trivial many. In other words: “high performance” means living an individual rigorous and systematic process of evaluation and decision making in order to ensure maximum results by most efficient use of personal energy.

  • “Burnout”

  • “High Performance”

„Burnout” vs “High Performance”. Both individuals are investing the same amount of energy to reach their goals.

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